The Dan Bongino Show | Monday - Friday | 12pm - 3pm

A nationally syndicated radio program, Dan Bongino delivers a weekly report straight to your radio regarding a wide variety of important issues facing American citizens today.

National Programs & Podcasts

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America At Night

Discover why "America At Night" hosted by Rich Valdes is your go-to conservative talk show. Dive into unfiltered political commentary, explore diverse perspectives, and join the community striving for a balanced understanding of today's pressing issues. Tune in live on WTCM.AM every Saturday at 9pm.

The Ron Jolly Show with Colleen Wares | Monday - Friday | 7am - 10am

Ron and Co-host/Producer, Colleen Wares, cover current topical stories from northern Michigan, around the state, and the world.  And, they have a lot of fun with music from the past 50 years.

The Vic McCarty Show | Monday - Friday | 10am - 12pm

“Ask The Experts” featuring:
  • Builders First Source
  • Insurance Hour – Carter-Hathway&Associates/Farm Bureau Insurance
  • Dr. Michael Hutchinson From Associates In Family Dentistry
  • Innovative Tiny Houses
  • Superior Physical Therapy
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